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Mission Newenergy (MBT) is an ASX listed company focusing on the production of biodiesel at Kuantan Port, Malaysia. Biodiesel is alternative fuel to petroleum-based diesel, which can be manufactured from vegetable oils such as palm, soy, linseed and coconut oil as well as animal fats and used cooking oils. The company focuses on Crude Palm Oil as its primary feedstock and the sale of Biodiesel into the European market. MBT was listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) in May 2006. The company was renamed from Mission Biofuels to its current name in August 2008.

MBT's biodiesel refinery is located in Malaysia which is the largest Crude Palm Oil producer with its readily available and homogenous feedstock and relatively cheaper for biodiesel production. Biodiesel does not require any major changes in the fuel distribution system thus avoiding the need for expensive infrastructure. Other benefits of using Biodiesel include: clean burning; safe usage; less carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide; and non-toxic biodegradable.

Mission Newenergy faces competition with other existing or new entrants energy company that produces alternative fuel. The company has demand for Biodiesel in the European market, particularly Germany. Various government around the world has promoted the use of Biodiesel as an alternative to petroleum-based diesel and countries such as Europe, the USA and Australia have established standards for Biodiesel specifications.

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  • Renewable Energy Producer.

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Mission Newenergy Head Office
Tempo Offices, Unit B9, 431 Roberts Road, SUBIACO,
Phone: +61 (8) 9443 9512
Fax: +61 (8) 9287 4655

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