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Mining Projects Group Limited (MPJ) is an exploration and investment company. MPJ has holdings in and joint ventures with exploration companies primarily searching for gold and copper with tenements mainly in Australia and Canada. Key companies include Asarco, Cangold, De Grey and Jackson Gold. MPJ also has an interest in Prima Biomed and Premier Bionics, biotechnology companies focusing on immunology/cancer immunotherapy and respiratory assistance technology, respectively.

The company listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) on 30 May 1973. It changed its name from Yamarna Goldfields Limited (YAM) to Mining Projects Group Limited (MPJ) in August 2006.

MPJ have several projects in their portfolio to which they are developing. These are the Yamarna JV Project (20% ownership), Jackson Gold Limited (1.5M shares with a further 1.5M on commercial event), Talga Peak Project (sole and exclusive right to earn up to an 80% interest) and interest in Atlas Gold Limited (2M shares).

Its competitors consist of other mining companies such as Jabiru Metals (JBL). Concentrates from the mining industry are generally sold to smelters in the main markets of Asia, Europe and North America. For metals, sales agreements tend to be short term and therefore subject to price fluctuations according to global price trends. The mining industry is a global industry, which is highly competitive. Mining Projects Group has investments in a number of companies, including Eleckra Mines Limited, Atlas Iron Limited, De Grey Mining Limited and Jackson Gold Limited.

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  • Resource exploration and investment.

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Mining Projects Group Head Office
Suite 2, 1233 High Street, ARMADALE,
Phone: (03) 9824 8166
Fax: (03) 9824 8161

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