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Mineral Commodities Limited (MRC) is an exploration company primarily searching for mineral sands and copper at tenements in South Africa and Australia, respectively. Key mineral sands projects are at Xolobeni in the Eastern Cape Province and at Tormin, 400km north of Cape Town. MRC’s key copper project is at Trekelano, located near Cloncurry in NW Queensland. Exploration companies aim to discover and delineate occurrences of metals and minerals that can be economically mined and extracted.

The company listed on the Australisn stockmarket (ASX) on the 14 August 1981. In September 2000 a new Board and management was elected and the Company moved its corporate office from Melbourne to Perth. The new Board consists of Mark Caruso (Managing Director), Joseph Caruso (Chairman) and Greg Steemson (Executive Director).

MRC have four ongoing projects. They are the Xolobeni Minerals Sands Project, Tormin Mineral Sands Project, Walvis Bay Mineral Sands Project and the Trekelano Copper Project.

MRC's major customers would include the retail, wholesale and international markets. Its competitors consist of other mining companies such as Metex Resources Limited (MEE). The mining industry is a global industry, which is highly competitive.The main minerals of interest are zircon and rutile, which are contained in a high grade beach placer deposit north of the Oliphants River outfall. MRC holds a 9.31% interest in Petro Ventures International Limited (Petro Ventures). In June 2009, MRC acquired 10% interest in Africa Uranium Ltd.

Mineral Commodities (MRC) Products and Services

  • Exploration for gold and other mineral resources and developing mineral recovery technologies.

Mineral Commodities (MRC) Locations and Subsidiaries

Mineral Commodities Head Office
Unit 15 Level 1, 51-53 Kewdale Road, WELSHPOOL,
Phone: (08) 9353 4890
Fax: (08) 9353 4894

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