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Millepede International (MPD) develops, produces and markets cable ties and cable-management plastic products, including cable trays, baskets, racks and cabinets. It distributes its range of plastic products in the Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe. MPD’s flagship product is the Mille-Tie, a versatile cable-fastening device.

The idea for the Mille-Tie was conceived in 1995, but it was not until 1998 that a mould was designed so commercial manufacturing was possible. MPD was created in 2001 to acquire the intellectual property and marketing rights held by Millipede Holdings. MPD was listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) in August 2001.

MPD's differentiating factor is its main cable tie product, the Mille-Tie. Its main competing products are Velcro and Nylon cable ties. The major differentiating factors are as follows: it is re-usable, does not pinch cables (which reduces bandwidth), is flexibile and is cheap to use; however, most of these are only improvements on Nylon, not Velcro. We see Velcro as the Mille-Tie's main rival in the cable fastener market.

MPD's main product Millie-Tie is sold primarily to the telecommunications and cabling sectors. It is also marketed to the public for household and garden applications. MPD's products compete with a range of other specialty plastic products such as conventional cable ties. A number of MPD's products under development will compete with conventional fasteners, such as plastic screws and nails.

Millepede International (MPD) Products and Services

  • Production of cable ties and other unrelated plastic technologies.

Millepede International (MPD) Locations and Subsidiaries

Millepede International Head Office
Level 1, 181 Malop Street, Geelong,
Phone: (03) 5215 1001
Fax: (03) 5222 7066

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