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MIKOH Corporation (MIK) develops, produces, markets and commercialises a range of security and digital marking products such as smart cards. The company has secured patents for its COUNTERFOIL and SubScribe technologies. It is also developing Smart&Secure technology, which is used in Secure Radio Frequency Identification Tags.

The company was founded in the early 1990s and floated on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) on 11 February 1993. In 2001, MIKOH commenced development of its Smart&Secure technology. In 2006, the company entered into a three year Supply and Marketing Agreement with Telstra Corporation regarding the use of MIKOH's radio frequency identification tag technology in systems deployed by Telstra.

The company’s COUNTERFOIL and SubScribe security tags have been used extensively by government agencies and commercial organisations to tag or seal equipment, and to provide anti-counterfeiting protection. MIK's Smart&Secure technology has wide applications, and can be used to secure the pharmaceutical supply chain.

MIK's major customers include government agencies and a range of corporate clients. Its competitors are developers of similar security and digital marking products.

Mikoh Corporation (MIK) Products and Services

  • Development, marketing and commercialisation of anti-fraud and product authentication technology including RFID tags and sub-surface laser marked security seals and labels.

Mikoh Corporation (MIK) Locations and Subsidiaries

Mikoh Corporation Head Office
1/1 Culverlands Street, HEIDELBERG WEST,
Phone: 03 9458 2075
Fax: 03 9458 2104

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