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Merchant House International (MHI) is involved in the design, manufacture and marketing of leather shoes, Christmas and seasonal ornaments, home decoration items and kitchen textiles. The company utilises a number of arrangements with Chinese manufacturers.

MHI was listed on the Australian stock market (ASX) on 31 October 1994. The head office is situated in Nedlands, Australia. The company has several years experience in sourcing, producing and selling consumer products with emphasis on footwear, home textiles, seasonal decorations and gifts. Its main export market is the USA but merchandise is also sold in Canada, the United Kingdom and throughout Australia.

All of MHI's manufacturing operations take place in Hong Kong or China, benefiting from the relatively cheap labour inputs. MHI uses various manufacturing arrangements, including contract manufacturing, compensation trading and joint ventures.

MHI's customers include a range of clothing labels and retailers predominantly in the US and Australia. Customers in the USA include the major importers as well as leading retailers. One of the Australian labels that MHI manufactures for is Yakka. MHI competes with various other apparel and houseware manufacturers, locally and internationally.

Merchant House International (MHI) Products and Services

  • Design, manufacture and marketing of leather shoes
  • Christmas and seasonal ornaments
  • Home decoration items and kitchen textiles

Merchant House International (MHI) Locations and Subsidiaries

Merchant House International Head Office
Level 2, 45 Sitrling Highway,
Phone: 08-9389 8799
Fax: 08-9389 8327

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