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Medtech Global (MDG) is involved in the provision of efficient healthcare administration systems to minimise cost and improve the quality of healthcare in metropolitan, rural or remote areas. Its products include RX Integrated Clinical, Medical Windows Integrated Clinical and Rx Enterprise (powered by EHR Link).

The company was listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) in August 1987. MDG's principal activity has changed since March 2000, following an agreement with Inc. The agreement resulted in a grant to AUH providing an exclusive perpetual licence over the e-MedSoft range of business-to-business electronic commerce products.

MDG aims to deliver in the area of software development for healthcare administration. AUH's national help desk and dealer network provides continuous support, providing advice on hardware specifications and communications infrastructure to extracting maximum benefit from AUH's products.

Major customers include healthcare professionals, hospitals, healthcare services providers and regulatory authorities. Competitors are companies that are involved in the development and commercialisation of medical products in the field of administration systems. Medtech applications for secondary health organisations range from patient management applications to applications for running out patient clinics. Medtech also offers applications that manage referrals and the integration of primary and secondary health information.

Medtech Global (MDG) Products and Services

  • The development, sale and support of software products and services for the healthcare industry worldwide.

Medtech Global (MDG) Locations and Subsidiaries

Medtech Global Head Office
Level 5, 150 Albert Road, SOUTH MELBOURNE,
Phone: 03 9690 8666
Fax: 03 9690 8010

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