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Medigard (MGZ) is an Australian company providing a range of safety medical devices which guard medical staff and the public against the risk of needlestick injury. Needlestick injury is of particular concern to healthcare workers that are exposed to patients with high risk bloodborne diseases such as HIV-Aids and Hepatitis B and C. MGZ's retractable devices have been exclusively patented.

MGZ is an Australian based company based in South East Queensland. Medigard was listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) in February 2004. The company is continually involved in R&D to extend its range of safety devices specifically designed for the medical industry.The Company's products include blood collection device and retractable syringe.

Medigard 's products are designed so that the needle automatically retracts into the plunger after its use, making them inoperable and safe to "throw away". The instruments are used in exactly the same manner as conventional products requiring only one hand to operate. The needle automatically retracts as a result of a vacuum created in the plunger of the instrument.

MGZ's major customers include private and public hospitals, general public, GPs and other health professionals. Major competitors are various safety syringe manufacturers including Safemate and Welcon, bioMD and Eastlands Medical Systems.

Medigard (MGZ) Products and Services

  • Development of retractable syringe and other medical device technologies.

Medigard (MGZ) Locations and Subsidiaries

Medigard Head Office
Suite 14A, Tedder Terraces, 26-30 Tedder Avenue,
Phone: (07) 5528 0370
Fax: (07) 5528 0275

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