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Mayne Pharma (MYX) was known as FH Faulding & Co where amongst other activities including pharmaceutical wholesaling and consumer health products, it built success around optimising the delivery of oral dosage form drugs. In 2001, Mayne Group Ltd acquired FH Faulding & Co and then in November 2005, Mayne Group Ltd demerged the business. MYX was listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) on 29 June, 2007.

Mayne Pharma Limited

A global pharmaceutical company focused on research and development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of injectable and oral pharmaceuticals; and

Symbion Health Limited

A large Australian healthcare-focused company with leading market positions in pathology, diagnostic imaging, pharmacy and health-related consumer products.

In February 2007, Hospira Inc announced that it had completed the acquisition of Mayne Pharma Limited as it tied in with the firms skills in specialty generic injectible pharmaceuticals. However in November 2009, the oral pharmaceutical group of Mayne Pharma Limited was purchased from Hospira by Halcygen Pharmaceuticals Ltd. In November 2010, HalcyGen Pharmaceuticals changed its name to Mayne Pharma Group Limited, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the ASX code “MYX”.

Mayne Pharma has a range of proprietary products currently on the market, a number of products in a development pipeline and an impressive array of products available for license.

One of the keys to Mayne Pharma’s success has been the implementation of strategic partnerships and alliances and a flexible and pragmatic approach to licensing and acquisitions. These are fundamental to the company’s continued growth and success.

The company's strategy is to develop their business by licensing and acquiring products that they are able to market throughout the Asia Pacific region and to develop partnerships for the global marketing of products developed by Mayne Pharma. As a partner, Mayne Pharma offers:

  • An expanding sales and marketing capability to bring new brands into the Australian market
  • A management team and corporate culture committed to partnering.
  • A proven product development, manufacturing, quality, regulatory and supply chain logistics capability
  • A flexible and creative approach to collaborations
  • The ability to respond rapidly to opportunities
  • A track record of successful partnering (some of their current partners include Warner Chilcott, Pfizer, GSK, Abbott, Meda and Cephalon)

The Corporate and Business Development Department is a team of business development and alliance management experts who oversee the selection and review of in-licensing and acquisition opportunities, manage the out-licensing process and actively pursue strategic alliances, to build strong relationships that are mutually beneficial to all parties.

Mayne Pharma Group (MYX) Products and Services

  • Pharmaceutical wholesaling of consumer health products

Mayne Pharma Group (MYX) Locations and Subsidiaries

Mayne Pharma Head Office
Level 10, 470 Collins Street,
Phone: (03) 8614 7777
Fax: (03) 9614 7022

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