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Magna Mining (MAN), formerly Reefton Mining NL (RTM) is an exploration company primarily searching for diamonds, tantalite, and precious and base metals and has tenements mainly in Namibia. Key projects are along the Skeleton Coast and Kunene River of Namibia. Exploration companies aim to discover and delineate occurrences of metals and minerals that can be economically mined and extracted. The company listed on the Australian sharemarket (ASX) on 13 March, 1986. RTM changed its name and ASX code to Magna Mining Nl (MAN) in February 2007.

MAN's core Namibian project is the Skeleton coast Diamond and Mineral Sands Project, which consists of four Exclusive Prospecting Licences located at Henties Bay, Mowe Bay, Cape Fria and Kunene River in North Western Namibia that cover a total of 310 kilometres of Diamond and heavy mineral sands bearing beaches of Namibia's Skeleton Coast.

MAN's major customers would include the retail, wholesale and international markets. Its competitors consist of other mining companies such as Jabiru Metals (JBL). The mining industry is a global industry, which is highly competitive. Most oil and metals are sold into the global spot markets, whilst gas, coal and iron ore is typically sold under long term contract arrangements with utilities, large industrial users and steel plants.

Magna Mining (MAN) Products and Services

  • Exploration for uranium and other mineral resources.

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Magna Mining Head Office
Level 1, 47 Ord Street, WEST PERTH,
Phone: (08) 9322 7822
Fax: (08) 9322 7823

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