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Macro Corporation (MAC) operates in the tourism and leisure industry. The company operates Ocean Spirit Cruises and Ocean Spirit Dives in Queensland and Vagabond Cruises in Sydney. Macro Corporation targets the corporate charter market in Sydney and luxury day trip market to the Great Barrier Reef.

MAC was listed on the ASX on 6 August 1990. Its head office is situated in Carlton, Victoria. Over the years, the company has bought a number of catamarans, enabling MAC to expand its business into wedding charters, conferences and private charters.

MAC focuses on Queensland holiday resorts/destinations, providing oceanic services, activities and facilities to its clients. Its main services specialises in providing luxury cruising, sailing and diving.

Major competitors would be other leisure-related businesses providing same services to the general public, focusing mainly on the tourism sector. Customers include a diverse range of business travellers and domestic and international tourists interested in using the luxurious charter market.

Its principal subsidiaries include Ocean Spirit Cruises Pty Ltd, Ocean Spirit (Sydney) Holdings Pty Ltd, Macro Resources Pty Ltd, Ocean Spirit Dive Pty Ltd, Ocean Spirit (Whitsundays) Pty Ltd and Ocean Spirit Cruises (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Ocean Spirit Cruises offers five star luxury sailing, diving and snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia; also dinner cruises sailing the calm waters of Trinity Inlet, Cairns.

Macro Corporation (MAC) Products and Services

  • Leisure and tourism activities within Australia

Macro Corporation (MAC) Locations and Subsidiaries

Macro Corporation Head Office
140 Mulgrave Road, CAIRNS, QLD,
Phone: (07) 4031 3887
Fax: (07) 4031 4344

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