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Lindian Resources (LIN), formerly VPH Limited is an internet-based unified messaging service provider to Australian individuals and businesses. The company's free service enables the user's e-mail box to function as a single repository for all e-mail, fax and voice mail and permits retrieval via either internet or telephone.

The directors of the company began developing the unified messaging service in June 1999 and launched the service nationally on 9 January 2000 under the company name In March 2000, MBX listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) and late 2005 changed its name to VPH Limited. Later, in November 2006, VPH changed its name to Lindian Resources Limited (LIN).

Lindian Resources differentiating factor is its patented Unified Messaging Technology. The technology composes traditional telecom fax and voice messages to electronic format, then deposits these formats as an attachment to a web mail account. This transaction permits clients to access all forms of messaging in one single repository. Clients can conveniently access messages via the internet or by traditional telephony.

LIN's main competitors include other providers of internet-based messaging services that operate within Australia and worldwide. The company services a wide range of individual and corporate clients.

The company's service is described by the terms fax to email, internet fax, digital fax, virtual fax or more recently SaaS (Software as a Service) or cloud based faxing. By utilizing the technology which turns the Internet connection into a fax machine, LIN's customers can send and receive faxes, voicemails and SMS messages over the Web using their Message In and Message Out service.

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  • Internet-based unified messaging service provider

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Lindian Resources Head Office
30 Ledgar Road, BALCATTA,
Phone: (08) 9345 2478
Fax: (08) 9240 2406

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