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Lemur Resources (LMR) is an Australian based Company focused on coal exploration. Through the company's wholly owned subsidiary Coal of Madagascar Limited, Lemur is the holder of 11 concession blocks in South West Madagascar covering the Imaloto Coal Basin, known as the Imaloto Coal Project. The Imaloto Coal Project area lies approximately 20 kilometer (km) north-west of the town of Benenitra, between the north-south flowing Imaloto River and the west-east flowing Onilahy River. Lemur’s other projects include Ianapera Coal Project, Sakaraha Coal Project, Imaloto Coal Project Extension and Project Infrastructure and Logistics. The Imaloto Coal Project Extension area comprises two permits, each of 6.25km2. The Ianapera Coal Project comprises one 25 square kilometers permit. The company acquired Coal of Madagascar Limited in May 2011, through which it acquired its Imaloto Coal Project. In August 2011, it acquired Pan African Drilling Limited.

Lemur Resources (LMR) Products and Services

  • Coal

Lemur Resources Competitors:

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  • Aston Resources
  • Extract Resources
  • Whitehaven Coal

Lemur Resources (LMR) Locations and Subsidiaries

Lemur Resources Head Office
Level 1
173 Mounts Bay Road
Perth, WA, 6000
Phone: +61 9481 1198
Fax: +61 9322 6778
Email: enquiries@lemurresources.com

Lemur Resources Subsidiaries:

  • Coal of Madagascar Limited
  • Pan African Drilling Limited

Other Lemur Resources Details

Lemur Resources, listed 24 August, 2011
ACN 147241361
ABN 53147241361

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