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Lemarne Corporation (LMC) is a holding company that invests in and manages diversified manufacturing businesses. LMC has three wholly owned operating divisions - Pacific Composites, Lemtronics and C10 Communications, and an 80% owned subsidiary, Lemarne Healthcare. Pacific Composites manufactures fibre reinforced plastics. C10 Communications is a designer and supplier of telecommunication products for local and overseas carriers. Lemtronics is an integrated electronic manufacturing service provider.

LMC was incorporated in Victoria in 1970 under the name Trendex Mineral Corporation Ltd. It adopted the name LMC in 1971 when it shifted focus from mining to industrial business activities.The company listed on the Australian stockmarket (ASX) on 23 December, 1971. LMC established associate company Lemvest in 1987. In November 2004, Lemarne acquired 80% of the Molescan Group, a healthcare service business.

Companies favoured for investment are generally niche engineering businesses, which are market leaders in Australia and have the potential to be leaders in targeted offshore markets. The Lemarne Healthcare subsidiary acquired Mole Scan Australia, which operates Australia's largest group of skin cancer detection and treatment centres. Australia has the highest per capita incidence of non-melanoma skin cancer in the world and the need for these services is increasing.

The Pacific Composites customer base is spread across the mining, building and construction and telecommunications sectors. The major clients of C10 Communications are in the telecommunication industry, whilst the perforated metals sector and the electronics sector form the bulk customer base for Lemtronics. Competitors include other companies involved in the manufacturing of fibre reinforced plastics and electronic devices.

Lemarne Corporation (LMC) Products and Services

  • Electronic/electrical components and sub-assemblies; telephone accessories; telecommunications

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Lemarne Corporation Head Office
1st Floor, 492 St Kilda Road, ST KILDA ROAD MELBOURNE,
Phone: (03) 9820 2400
Fax: (03) 9820 2038

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