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Koon Holdings (KNH) carries out civil engineering projects in the areas of land reclamation, environmental engineering and infrastructure. Its projects have included power stations, sewerage treatment plants and ports.

KOON began in 1975 as a small sole proprietorship transporting rocks and stones for major international construction companies. Ability brought early success. Koon determined that it wanted to capitalise on this success and move up the value chain. The company listed on the Australian stock market (ASX) on 11 July, 2003.

In 1979, Koon Construction & Transport Co Pte Ltd (“Koon”) was incorporated and raised capital. With this boost in funds, it was able to increase manpower and equipment allowing it to collaborate more closely with international firms. This in turn allowed it to gain technical expertise. Koon focused on reclamation and related works.

In 1985, it went into a joint venture with a major marine engineering company Zinkcon, to form Koon-Zinkcon which specialized in the protection of reclaimed shorelines. Zinkcon is now part of Royal Boskalis Westminster nv (“Boskalis”), a major international dredging and offshore engineering firm. This joint venture was very successful. It was therefore decided to make it permanent and was incorporated in 1997 as Koon-Zinkcon Pte Ltd (“KZ”). Whilst Koon still owns 50% of KZ, it is now being managed by persons independent of Koon. Accordingly it is treated as an investment and only dividend accounted.

The company has worked on many land reclamation projects, carrying out dredging, sandfilling and shore protection. It has won many civil engineering contracts in Singapore. Its major customers are primarily in Singapore including the Public Utilities Boards, Port of Singapore Authority and Land Transport Authority. Its competitors are other construction companies in Singapore.

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  • Civil engineering projects

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