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JV Global (JVG) is involved in supplying specialised computer numerically controlled rollforming plant and equipment designed to manufacture a wide and varied range of steel building and associated products. The products are utilised predominantly within the building and construction industries.

JVG was first listed on the ASX in 1986. The company was incorporated in Perth, where its head office is located.

JVG's differentiating factor is its unique computerised rollforming process used to produce steel door frames, which enables the production of one steel door frame every minute. The steel door frames can be produced in a cost-efficient manner compared to traditional wooden door frames. This coupled with the fact that steel door frames do not twist or warp and are structurally load bearing is ensuring rapid market acceptance within the building industry.

JVG's competitors include other producers of door frames. Its customers include small to large builders, construction companies and housing developers across the world, including customers in Australia, China, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

JV Global (JVG) Products and Services

  • JV Global manufactures steel building products globally

JV Global (JVG) Locations and Subsidiaries

JV Global Head Office
Unit 33, 9 Vision Street,
Phone: (08) 9309 1544
Fax: (08) 9309 1540

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