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Jindalee Resources (JRL) is a gold and nickel exploration company operating primarily in the Yilgarn Craton of Western Australia. At its main gold project, Keith Kilkenny and its main nickel project, Mt Gibb, JRL seeks to discover significant mineral deposits. It also has several other options to explore other sites in the region. JRL was formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of Horizon Global Limited. On the 15 May 2002, JRL became a independent entity and on the 11 July 2002, it listed on the ASX.

The Company’s primary objective is to create wealth for shareholders through the discovery of world class precious and base metal deposits in Australia.

Jindalee’s strategy is simple – they acquire prospective ground cheaply, add value through low cost reconnaissance activity and, where appropriate, either introduce partners to fund the higher risk and/or expensive phases of exploration, or fund exploration via a dedicated company in which Jindalee retains a significant interest.

This way their burn rate remains low and they delay the need to raise new equity, thus maintaining Jindalee’s tight capital structure and ensuring their shareholders gain maximum leverage from any exploration success. This strategy also releases funds for the evaluation of other exploration opportunities and/or advanced projects with the potential to provide early cash flow.

The Company currently has joint ventures in place with Newcrest Mining, Great Western Exploration and Golden West Resources and has a strategic alliance with Teck, a major Canadian mining company. Teck is also a significant shareholder in the Company.

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  • Gold exploration

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Jindalee Resources Head Office
Level 2, 18 Kings Park Road,
Phone: 61 8 9321 7550
Fax: 61 8 9321 7950

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