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Isoft Group (ISF) supplies software and IT solutions to healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacists, aged care facilities and GPs. ISF's clients range from private healthcare providers such as Healthscope to public sector bodies such as defence forces and health authorities. The company earns revenue from the initial sale of its products, followed by ongoing maintenance, support and licence revenues. iSOFT Group Limited’s products support both private and public sector healthcare provider organizations. On April 24, 2009, the Company acquired Hatrix Pty Limited. On August 12, 2009, iSOFT Group Limited acquired BridgeForward, Inc. In February 2010, the Company acquired UltraGenda BV.

ISF's promised differentiating factor is the forthcoming Lorenzo electronic health records software suite. Lorenzo is designed to be easily adaptable to clients' needs; scalable across multiple locations; and compatible with clients' existing software solutions. Isoft Group's clients include healthcare providers such as government health departments and area health boards, hospitals, clinics, GPs, and aged care organisations. The majority of its revenues are either directly or indirectly funded by the public sector. Competitors include specialist healthcare IT companies such as the US-based Cerner and Germany-based Compugroup, as well as generalist companies such as General Electric and Siemens.

ISOFT Group History

ISF listed on the ASX under the name IBA Technologies in CY2000. Fuelled by takeovers, the company acquired development facilities in India and it expanded its sales base in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In FY08, ISF, then known as IBA Health, undertook its largest acquisition yet, the LSE-listed iSOFT plc. This vastly expanded revenue and overseas operations, particularly in Europe. In May 2009, the company changed its name from IBA to iSOFT.

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  • Supplies software and IT solutions to healthcare providers

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ISOFT Group Head Office
Level 27, Darling Park Tower 2, 201 Sussex Street,
Phone: +61 2 8251 6700
Fax: +61 2 8251 6801

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