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Inventis (IVT) aims to be a leader in innovative ergonomic design, standards and high-quality manufacturing processes and to produce a comprehensive range of seating, workstations, tables, health and aged care products that offer the highest quality ergonomic furniture solutions. The company listed on the ASX on 14 April 1999 as Gregory Industries Limited. It changed its name to Gregory Australia Limited in February 2005. The company was renamed again to Inventis Limited in April 2007.

The Company operates in two geographical areas being Australia and New Zealand. Its subsidiaries include Gregory Commercial Furniture Pty Limited, Inventis Technology Pty Limited, Opentec Solutions Pty Limited, Vibe Furniture Pty Limited and Inventis (NZ) Limited.

Unlike other companies that provide office equipment, IVT designs and produces its own office chairs. This makes IVT more specialised in knowing the ergonomics of office chairs, as opposed to importing from other companies.

Major clients of IVT include large corporations such as NRMA, Westpac, AMP and several NSW Government departments. Whereas, on the other hand, major competitors include other furniture or office suppliers such as Viking, Equip Office Furniture and Officeworks. A disadvantage of IVT could be high labour costs since the products are manufactured in Australia as opposed to outsourcing to China for cheaper labour costs.

The company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of office chairs in Australia made predominantly from Australian sourced components and their clients are amongst the greatest icons of Australian and NZ commerce and government bodies.

Inventis (IVT) Products and Services

  • Design, manufacture and supply of ergonomic commercial furniture, health and aged care products, electronic controllers and ruggedised computer solutions

Inventis (IVT) Locations and Subsidiaries

Inventis Head Office
Suite 12, 1 Box Road,
Phone: (02) 8578 8900
Fax: (02) 9540 9731

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