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Intrapower (IPX) is a provider of internet protocol communication products and services to corporate Australia. IntraPower is a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and the leader in the provision of high availability On-Demand Information, Communication, Technology & Telecommunications (ICT & T) services to small and medium sized businesses in Australia. IntraPower’s Business On-Demand solution delivers unified IT, Voice, Data Communications & Infrastructure as a Service using the next generation of cloud computing technology.

The organization services over 2,000 customers nationwide from our offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and through a national network of professional Partners. Too many businesses today still run their corporate data over the Internet and suffer the poor performance, reliability issues and considerable risk associated with this exposed medium.

IntraPower was established in 1998 and grew initially by providing small and medium sized businesses the benefits of a national private IP network without incurring the considerable capital expenditure and high operating costs that organizations would have to incur to build and run it themselves. IntraPower’s customers could share their data without ever touching the Internet and avoid the pain of slow performance, reliability and security risks associated with Internet based solutions that cannot not deliver business grade services.

In July, 2007 IntraPower listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) through a limited public offering, acquired Destra Communications and Mercury Connect and leveraged this scale and coverage to begin construction of the IntraPower High Availability Network (IHAN). The IHAN is the next generation of national Managed Private Networks that provides small and medium sized businesses access to professional enterprise grade national network coverage.

The IHAN integrates parallel services from all the top tier Australian network providers, such as Telstra, Optus and Powertel, and as a result offers small and medium sized businesses a higher level of reliability and performance than any one of these providers could offer on their own. With the IHAN substantially complete IntraPower offers it’s customers and partners the luxury of not choosing one top tier provider but instead choosing them all.

In February 2008 IntraPower acquired Wavenet, a provider of Hosted and Managed Services in Melbourne and developed a unique offering that built on the combination of services traditionally provided by IntraPower and those offered by Wavenet. With the ability to deliver high performance, high availability and highly secure data communications IntraPower leveraged this to build the Business On-Demand offering that delivers Unified IT, Voice, Data Communications & Infrastructure as a Service. With this solution IntraPower takes the lead in offering small and medium sized businesses the benefits of highly reliable cloud computing.

The IntraPower Vision is to build a trusted partnership with each Partner and customer by delivering business solutions that allow them to focus on their core business, create value and competitive advantage.

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  • Provider of Internet Protocol communication products and services to corporate Australia

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