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Intec (INL) developed and owns the “Intec Process”, a set of hydrometallurgical processes that produce high-purity base and precious metals from concentrates of sulphide ore. The company's operational focus is on the Hellyer Metals Project, located in northwestern Tasmania. Intec Copper Pty Ltd was formed in 1992. The company listed on the ASX in May 2002.

Its subsidiaries include Intec Copper Pty Ltd, Intec Hellyer Metals Pty Ltd, Intec International Projects Pty Ltd and Intec Metals Recycling Pty Ltd.

The Intec Process has substantial cost and environmental advantages over both the widely used conventional smelting and refining processes and other known hydrometallurgical processes. The process can be used in the treatment of gold, copper, lead, zinc and nickel concentrates.

Following commercialisation, Intec's revenue sources will include royalty payments, construction and design payments, toll plant revenues and earnings from joint venture interests. The 'Intec Process' is unique to Intec, and as a result, the company does not have any direct competitors.

Intec has teamed its technology with Hong Kong-based investors to build a long term corporate platform to progress metalliferous waste recycling projects in China. The first commercial scale application of the Intec Process will be for the treatment of Liugang Steel’s blast furnace dust containing zinc, lead and indium in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province, China.

In November 2009, Intec Ltd signed three-stage a Subscription Agreement with Green Resources (Asia Pacific) Holding Limited (“Green Resources”, inclusive of its nominees where applicable for the rapid development of Intec Process-related projects in China.

Green Resources is a special purpose vehicle incorporated in Hong Kong for the purpose of implementing primary and secondary resources projects using the Intec Process, combined with other advanced sustainable international technologies as appropriate, to exploit the many metalliferous waste recycling opportunities in China, several of which have already been identified and advanced through Intec’s Chinese representative office.

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  • Commercialisation of its patented hydrometallurgical processes

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