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Infratil (IFZ) is the Owner and operator of investments in the infrastructure and utilities sector in New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom. Its principal investment sectors are energy, airports, public transport and the fuel refining, distribution and retailing business. IFZ was listed on the Australian stock market in 30 August, 2010. Investors can trade Infratil shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Infratil's primary goal is to provide its shareholders with a consistent return of 20% per annum over the long term. Infratil invests in growth infrastructure sectors supporting excellent management and employee commitment to deliver top quartile financial, operational and service performance.

Infratil is an owner and operator of businesses in the energy (mainly renewable), airport and public transport sectors. Its energy operations are predominantly in New Zealand and Australia. The Company owns Wellington Airport in New Zealand and airports in Glasgow and Kent. Infratil’s public transport services are in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand.

Infratil's long term investment focus has led it to invest heavily in its people and the communities where it operates. Infratil believes that sustained quality people performance and positive relationships and involvement in communities where its businesses are based are key determinants of its financial performance.

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  • Owner and operator of investments in the infrastructure and utilities sector

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Infratil Head Office
Level 40, Governor Phillip Tower,
1 Farrer Place, SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, 2000
Phone: +64 4473 3663
Fax: +64 4473 2388

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