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InfoChoice (ICH) is a publisher and supplier of mortgage documentation and processing services. The company aim is to provide unbiased information on a wide range of goods and services and present them in an objective way, which allows consumers to make easy, meaningful comparisons and informed decisions. ICH was listed on the ASX on 21 December 1999. Its head office is situated in Sydney. Its major shareholders have no connection with any of the providers listed on its website.

During the year ended December 31, 2009, the operations of National Lending Solutions Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICH and a discontinued business, were finalized. In May 2009, ICH entered into a service agreement with Once Australia Pty Limited. The service agreement includes service fee for the rental share of the George Street premises, including cleaning and outgoings.

The Company has also entered into lead generation and revenue share agreement with its sister company, Bidmy Pty Ltd. ICH has three subsidiaries, namely, National Lending Solutions Pty Ltd, Pty Ltd and Pty Ltd.

ICH also provides companies in various markets with research on consumer preferences based on their use of ICH's website. The company also publishes inFARMation, a website for farmers and rural and regional Australia.

Major customers include the general public and businesses who require independent information for financial and investment decisions. Major competitors include other internet-based businesses that provide financial advice such as InvestorInfo (INV).

InfoChoice (ICH) Products and Services

  • Web publishing and advertising, providing unbiased information and reviews for products and services to consumers

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InfoChoice Head Office
Level 2, 341 George Street,
Phone: (02) 8507 7196
Fax: (02) 8507 7197

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