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Incitive (ICV) is a pharmaceuticals & biotechnology company. Its aim is to become a sustainable Life Science company by in-licensing leads at the discovery stage, taking them through preclinical studies which will create significant value-add, and partner with large pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies for the clinical phase. ICV was listed on the ASX on 5 May 2006.

The Company’s products include small molecule drugs and protein drugs, to treat indications, such as organ transplantation and autoimmune diseases. The Company’s subsidiaries include Neomune Pty Ltd, Immunex Pty Ltd and Sarantis Pty Ltd.

ICV differentiates itself through its current pipeline of products that are based on over ten years of international peer-reviewed research. The lead products include small molecule drugs and protein drugs aimed to treat major indications such as organ transplantation and autoimmune diseases, which largely meets clinical needs.

ICV competes with other pharmaceutical and biotechnologies company that might substantially have greater resources than ICV itself. The company's significant market opportunity would be pharmaceutical companies seeking novel anti-inflammatory and immunosupressant drugs to replenish their pipelines.

Incitived (ICV) Products and Services

  • Development of anti-inflammatory and immunosuppresent drugs

Incitived (ICV) Locations and Subsidiaries

Incitive Head Office
Level 1, 2 Ross Place,
Phone: 03 9602 4133
Fax: 03 9670 6643

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