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IM Medical (IMI) Medical is a medical services company that markets cardiovascular disease management products. IntelliHeart uses a unique set of diagnostic tools coupled with its proprietary software that allows doctors to comprehensively assess a patient’s cardiovascular risk. The test is non invasive, inexpensive, and is designed with the consumer in mind. The company was listed on the ASX in December 1996. The company has been involved in investments in health sector technologies that complement its established portfolio of imaging technology. IMI continues to pursue investment opportunities in the imaging technology sector.

Presently, most tests to detect and assess cardiovascular disease are administered after the patient has experienced symptoms or has had a heart attack. As these tests are complex, expensive and invasive, they are rarely used to detect early disease. By contrast, IntelliHeart is simple, non-invasive, inexpensive, and can be used in a GP's surgery, office or pharmacy. IntelliHeart's proprietary software and interpretive database quantifies and categorises the risk of developing CVD.

IMI's major customers include GPs, cardiovascular disease (CVD) specialists, research institutes and hospitals. In addition, the company may develop strategic alliances to resource CVD clinics in major Australian cities. Major competitors are various other biotech companies distributing medical imaging products.

IM Medical (IMI) Products and Services

  • Health care services in the prevention and management of cardiovasular and other life threatening diseases

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IM Medical Head Office
Level 1, 117 Church Street,
Phone: (03) 9860 0904
Fax: (03) 9860 0999

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