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IFC Capital (IFC) is a holding company with investments in land holdings, infrastructure projects and other property projects. Its primary investment is in the Cranebrook site in Penrith, NSW. In October 2003, IFC changed the nature of its activities to a holding company, with focus on investments in property related projects. It was first listed on the ASX on Aug 23, 2000.

The Company’s subsidiaries include IFC Marketing Pty Ltd, IFC Funds Management Limited, IFC Nominees Limited, IFC Cranebrook Limited, IFC Development Fund, Trademark Backoffice Systems Pty Limited and Development Support Services Pty Limited.

A subsidiary of the IFC group, IFC Funds Management Limited also promotes and invites potential investors to make external investments into wholesale unit trusts that are structured around infrastructure and property asset acquisitions managed by IFC.

Customers would consist of small share funds, institutions and retail investors. Major competitors would be other financial companies or trusts on the market that focuses on capital property growth.

IFC Capital Products and Services

  • Infrastructure projects and services, property investment and strategic investments

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IFC Capital Head Office
Suite 3, Level 12, 2 Bligh Street,
Phone: (02) 9994 0240
Fax: (02) 9993 0767

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