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Iatia (IAT) is the world's leading developer of digital phase imaging solutions. IAT's Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) is a software application, which allows phase information (shape and depth) to be extracted from conventional images without special optical components. The technology has applications in Life Sciences – for cell imaging; Nanotechnology – electron imaging at atomic level; Ophthalmology – wavefront sensing for vision quality and eye health; and Defence and Security – contract with ADF.

IAT is based in Melbourne and holds global patents developed by internationally-renowned scientists for biopharmaceutical, medial, nanotechnology and defence applications. The company was listed on the ASX since April 2002 and its subsidiaries include Iatia Imaging Pty Ltd, Iatia Instruments Pty Ltd and Tech.com Corporation Pty Ltd.

IAT has established a strong competitive position based on its superior, patent-protected technology, a highly regarded scientific team and a development lead time over competitors. IAT's QPI provides a strong value proposition relative to alternative technologies. Specifically, in biopharmaceutical and medical applications, it provides clearer imaging and facilitates more accurate diagnosis/analysis, while in defence, it provides potentially unmatched targeting and surveillance capabilities.

IAT's major customers include Biopharmaceutical companies (used in automated cell analysers for drug discovery and development), Medical imaging (for cancer research, pathology and optometry), Nanotechnology (for electron and x-ray microscopy) and defense and homeland security (for passive surveillance and camouflage negation). Competitors include other companies in imaging and wavefront sensing technology.

Iatia (IAT) Products and Services

  • Development, manufacture and marketing of phase imaging technology for defence, scientific, medical and industrial applications

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Iatia Head Office
Suite 2, 935 Station Street,
Phone: (03) 9898 6388
Fax: (03) 9899 6388

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