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Hydrotech International (HTI) is a total water ingress solution provider and owns 100% of the intellectual and commercial property rights to the Multi Pulse Sequencing System. HTI was listed on the Australian stock exchange on 16 July, 2007.

The company is a specialist design and installation supplier of proprietary technology and know-how in the area of prevention of water ingress into subterranean concrete and masonry structures. In other areas, such as water table protection, irrigation and oil retrieval, Hydrotech is presently developing solutions.

The company operates in various jurisdictions under which it trades by way of its fully owned subsidiaries, Hydrotech Europe plc and Hydrotech Asia Limited. These fully owned operating subsidiaries have expertise in civil engineering, architecture, electronics and project management.

Hydrotech commercialises its intellectual property by providing water ingress solutions to corporations that own structures requiring a reliable and highly sophisticated process to de-water them. Hydrotech is a registered company with offices in United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China and Australia.

Hydrotech International (HTI) Products and Services

  • Design and installation of technology in the area of prevention of water ingress into subterranean concrete and masonry structures

Hydrotech International (HTI) Locations and Subsidiaries

Hydrotech International Head Office
Suite 2, 5 Ord Street,
Phone: (08) 9322 1444
Fax: (08) 9324 2977

Hydrotech International (HTI) Share Price

Submitted by ASX Listed Company on 18 April, 2010 - 03:49

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