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Hydromet Corporation (HMC)'s main activities include the processing of industrial residues (for example, heavy metals) and value adding via manufacture of agricultural and industrial chemicals and the safe landfill disposal of residual-treated materials. The company uses hydrometallurgical technologies developed in-house to carry out its operations. HydroMet operates two main sites, at Wollongong and Newcastle, in NSW.

The Company operates in two segments: Residues treatment and Used lead acid battery. Residues treatment segment involves the treatment of industrial residues and production of chemical/metal products therefrom. Used lead acid battery segment is engaged in the breaking of used lead acid battery and recycling all components within. HMC was listed on the ASX in December 1987 under the name Biomecca Australia Limited (BIO). It changed to its current name in August, 1991.

The services offered by HydroMet provides an environmentally acceptable alternative to long-term storage or disposal to landfill. HydroMet has established close relationships with both State and Commonwealth environmental authorities.

There is only limited competition both in Australia and worldwide. Its clientele include companies form the smelter, industrial operations, fertiliser and mining industries. These include BHP, Pasminco, Rio Tinto and Falconbridge.

Hydromet Corporation (HMC) Products and Services

  • Processing of industrial residues and the manufacture of the value-added products

Hydromet Corporation (HMC) Locations and Subsidiaries

Hydromet Corporation Head Office
Lot 3, Five Islands Road,
Phone: (02) 4271 1822
Fax: (02) 4271 6151

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