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Hunter Hall Global Value (HHV) is an LIC that listed in March 2004. The manager, Hunter Hall Investment Management Limited, was formed in 1994. The parent of the manager, Hunter Hall International Limited, is listed on the ASX. HHV aims to achieve substantial long-term growth through the ownership of a portfolio of undervalued international and Australian equities, augmented by tax-effective capital management.

As with other Hunter Hall Funds, HHV has an ethical investment policy. It uses a "negative screen" that restricts investment in companies that produce products that are harmful to people, animals or the environment (such as companies that derive their income from sale of tobacco).

Small share funds, institutions and retail investors are the major customers. Its major competitors are other fund managers.

Hunter Hall Global Value History

Hunter Hall International Limited (formerly Rushcutter Investments Pty Limited) was formed in 1993 by Peter MacDonald Hall, listed investment holding company Hancock & Gore Limited, Philip Parker and David Scott. HHV raised capital in early 2004 to list on the ASX. Hunter Hall Investment Management has been managing funds (and in particular its 'flagship' Value Growth Trust) since 1994.

Hunter Hall Global Value (HHV) Products and Services

  • Investment company investing in a portfolio of international and Australian equities

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Hunter Hall Global Value Head Office
Level 2, 60 Castlereagh Street,
Phone: (02) 8224 0300
Fax: (02) 8224 0333

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