How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market

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Annotation: 2009 reprint of 1960 edition. Hungarian by birth, Nicolas Darvas trained as an economist at the University of Budapest. Reluctant to remain in Hungary until either the Nazis or the Soviets took over, he fled at the age of 23 with a forged exit visa and fifty pounds sterling to stave off hunger in Istanbul, Turkey. During his off hours as a dancer, he read some 200 books on the market and the great speculators, spending as much as eight hours a day studying.

Darvas ploughed his money into a couple of stocks that had been hitting their 52-week high. He was utterly surprised that the stocks continued to rise and subsequently sold them to make a large profit. His main source of stock selection was Barron's Magazine. At the age of 39, after accumulating his fortune, Darvas documented his techniques in the book, How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market. The book describes his unique "Box System", which he used to buy and sell stocks. Darvas' book remains a classic stock market text to this day.

Positive Review of Book

Super trader David Ryan mentioned this title when I attended William O'Neils Workshop 9 yrs ago. I had to source it out with difficulty shortly after that from some antique book store. Now that you are here reading this at Amazon, don’t miss this goldmine. It allows you to get into the brain of a Super trader. Easy Reading.

Negative Review of Book

I made the mistake of buying this book. It is outdated (telegrams) and the examples or actual buying and selling do not and cannot match today's market requirements. The writing is awful and the ideas presented are unrealistic. A book from 1952 cannot be used as a guide for making money in today's market. There are some classic books (Graham) that will remain fundamental, but this one is not such a book. Save your money and this book goes in the trash.

Author Biography

Nicolas Darvas wrote "How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market" in 1960, shortly after he had made over $2,000,000 trading stocks in a little over 18 months. But the story starts in 1952, when Darvas, a ballroom dancer by profession, acquired his first stock in a Canadian mining company almost inadvertently. He sold it at a profit, and he was hooked. But Darvas knew nothing about the stock market.

He learned everything the hard way, and that's what makes this book interesting. Darvas is a colorful, overbearing, but frank character, and he takes us through his quest to figure out how to make money in the stock market step by painful step.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1. Canadian Period
  2. Chapter 2. Entering Wall Street
  3. Chapter 3. My First Crisis
  4. Chapter 4. Developing the Box Theory
  5. Chapter 5. Cables Round the World
  6. Chapter 6. During the Baby-Bear Market
  7. Chapter 7. The Theory Starts to Work
  8. Chapter 8. My First Half-Million
  9. Chapter 9. My Second Crisis
  10. Chapter 10. Two Million Dollars

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