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Holista CollTech (HCT), earlier called CollTech Australia (CAU) has been formed through the merger of CollTech Australia with Holista Biotech Sdb Bhd. The company focuses on natural ingredients for health supplements and lifestyle products. HCT aims to commercialise the extraction and purification of collagen from a unique source sheep (ovine) skins. HCT has patent protection filed over all intellectual property. Investors can trade shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

The company markets four key collagen products under its OVICOLL brand for the global food, cosmetic and research markets. Currently, the company is undertaking R&D into the production of high-grade soluble collagen for supply into the medical market. The company was listed on the Australian stock market in February 2004.

HCT is the only company producing ovine collagen. Collagen is a natural protein for which commercial demand is large and growing. Applications for collagen are broad due to its many useful properties. Collagen is an inert protein that is biodegradable and is readily absorbed by the body. The company leads in research on herbs and good ingredients from Malaysia's rainforests.

Customers for collagen include the retail sector, which uses it in the manufacture of cosmetics, skincare products and cosmeceuticals; the medical sector, where it is used in products such as advanced wound dressings, haemostatics and sealants; and the food industry, used for food additives, functional food and in the food supplement industry.

Holista CollTech Ltd aims to specialize in the natural ingredients industry by working in partnership with world leading players to take the message of “possible” for a better healthstyle, physically and emotionally to the world. The mission of Holista CollTech Ltd is to provide society with all natural healthstyle products through innovations that advances the eminence of life and meeting customer needs, providing employees with momentous work environment and advancement opportunities, enhancing partner’s business and investors with a greater rate of return.

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  • Company focuses on natural ingredients for health supplements and lifestyle products.

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