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Hillcrest Litigation Services (HLS) is a litigation funding business. The company is currently targeting insolvency matters and is also involved in the funding of class actions. HLS' funding model is highly scaleable and would benefit from increased exposure and better general understanding of the key features and characteristics. There is scope and potential for rapid growth, with virtually an unlimited pool of possible cases. HLS operates essentially like a finance company and to some extent a lender of last resort.

The company listed on the ASX on 5 October 1993. In 2004, Hillcrest Resources Ltd changed its business activity and name. It is now known as Hillcrest Litigation Services Limited and is involved in the business of litigation funding.

The company has a strong management team, with expertise in the financial and legal fields. There is high demand for litigation funding and thus, the company has potential for further expansion. HLS targets mainly insolvency cases with a claim value between $2M and $5M, and an expected hearing date between 12 and 18 months in the future.

HLS has one listed competitor, albeit targeting a different sector of the litigation funding market. HLS has a number of smaller unlisted competitors; however, the market is very much fragmented. Customers at this stage typically include insolvency solicitors and accountants, as well as individuals and companies making legal claims.

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  • Litigation funding and associated services

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Hillcrest Litigation Services Head Office
1 Colin Street,
Phone: (08) 9324 3266
Fax: (08) 9324 3277

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