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Helicon Group is involved in the business to identify and exploit niche market opportunities in the Biomedical markets in selected Asian markets with a China priority and to participate in the significant growth that has been projected for these markets over the next 25 years.

The Mission of the Helicon Group is to be a trusted vehicle and partner into the high end of the China and other selected Asian markets for innovative Western Biomedical products developed by small to medium sized research based pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Helicon has built a portfolio of advanced high end biomedical products targeting the following market segments :

Blood Plasma Substitute

Helicon has exclusive rights to this gelatine based product Volplex® for China and South Korea which will bring significant benefits in the treatment of post surgical or post traumatic hypovoleamia.

Burn, scar and skin defect treatment

Helicon has exclusive rights in China and Hong Kong to ReCell®, a breakthrough technology offering clinicians an opportunity to use advanced tissue engineering techniques for the treatment of burns, scalds and the reconstruction of scars and other skin defects.

Wound and Surgical Site Infections Management

Helicon has exclusive rights to Collatamp® G for the China market. The collagen based infection management device, which contains the broad spectrum antibiotic Gentamycin, has proven effectiveness in minimising post surgical site infections whilst reducing the risk of toxicity and the associated systemic side effects.

Helicon has exclusive rights for China and a number of Asian markets to MedWrap’s Island Wound Dressing with Microban®, a patented wound management technology. The incorporation of an active antibacterial into this dressing provides significant enhancement in healing and antibacterial protection when compared to traditional gauze dressings.

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  • The licensing, distribution and/or manufacturing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products

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