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Heemskirk Consolidated (HSK) engages in direct and indirect investment in the mining sector. HSK aims to operate worldwide and fund new ventures, hold equity stakes in developing and expanding companies, and finance the development and expansion of new mining operations. Heemskirk was formed in 2003 and completed a stock exchange listing on the ASX in October 2004.

Its wholly owned subsidiaries include Heemskirk Technical Services Pty Ltd, HSK Trading Pty Ltd, HSK Gold Australia Pty Ltd, HSK Staff Share Plan Pty Ltd, Heemskirk Canada Holdings Limited and Heemskirk Canada Limited.

HSK looks to attract sustained revenue by investing in the resource industry through different models. These include acting as either a conventional mining company, a resource investor or a mining financier.

Major competitors consist of other mining companies in Australia and overseas exploring for gold, precious and base metals. These range from massive international companies to small explorers with one or two projects.

Heemskirk Consolidated (HSK) Products and Services

  • Direct and indirect investment in the mining sector

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Heemskirk Consolidated Head Office
Level 5, 303 Collins Street,
Phone: (03) 9614 0666
Fax: (03) 9614 4466

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