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HalcyGen Pharmaceuticals Limited (HGN) is a company that focuses on testing and improvement of generic drugs. It was listed on ASX on 29 June, 2007. The company is currently developing two potential "SuperGenerics" which are SUBA-Itraconazole and Minocycline which have been licensed from Mayne. SuperGenerics aim to improve generic reference pharmaceuticals to create safer, more efficacious and/or easier to use pharmacies.

HalcyGen has been founded to bridge the gap between mainline pharmaceutical companies and high volume generics companies through the development and licensing of new improved proprietary generic formulations known as "Super Generics" or "High Functionality Generics".

The generics industry is undergoing significant growth with approximately USD100 billion worth of brand-name drugs to go off patent by 2010, of which USD21 billion go in 2006 alone. This provides unprecedented opportunities for both mainline pharmaceutical companies and generic manufacturers to expand their profile through formulation-improved products.

HalcyGen acquired Mayne Pharma International Pty Ltd (MPI) in November 2009. The company has substantial assets and revenues.

MPI was formerly known as FH Faulding & Co Ltd, and is a specialist pharmaceutical company with an intellectual property portfolio built around the optimisation and delivery of oral dosage form drugs. MPI has a long and successful history in developing and commercializing improved pharmaceuticals, and has launched and marketed numerous products through partnerships with global licensees.

MPI’s facilities are based in South Australia on a 32 acre site. The facility also undertakes the manufacture of products under contract for third parties to TGA, FDA and EU regulatory guidelines.

Halcygen Pharmaceuticals (HGN) Products and Services

  • The testing and improvement of generic drugs

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Halcygen Pharmaceuticals Head Office
Level 10, 470 Collins Street,
Phone: (03) 8614 7777
Fax: (03) 9614 7022

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