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GoConnect (GCN) is a global media communications company based in Melbourne. GCN’s proprietary technology enables users to receive high-quality audio and video entertainment over the internet regardless of connection type. Internet TV and web-based phone directory services can also be accessed on GPRS or Windows-enabled mobile phones and hand-held devices. GCN also provides retail internet access services.

The Company’s subsidiaries include GoConnect Australia Pty Ltd, GoTrek Pty Ltd, GoConnect Investments Pty Ltd, The Best Mix Entertainment Group Pty Ltd and TBM Music Pty Ltd.

GoConnect has gained entry into the two largest markets of the world, India and China. Times Internet Ltd, India's largest media group, has adopted GoConnect's GoTrek IPTV technology and m-Vision mobile video services.

GoConnect's major competitors include other online media service providers in Australia and overseas. Its customers include online customers and mobile media consumers. Other clients include advertising and corporate entities in Australia, Canada, India, the UK and China.

GoConnect History

GoConnect was established in August 1999 and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in November 2000 under ASX code GCN and on the German Stock Exchange at the same time under the German code GCK. Its head office is located in Melbourne, Victoria.

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  • Global media communications company

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GoConnect Head Office
Level 2, 419 Collins Street,
Phone: 61 3 9993 7000
Fax: 61 3 9993 7099

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