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Geothermal Resources (GHT) specialises in the exploration for hot rock geothermal energy resources though its key projects; the Frome and Crower project near the Cooper Basin region in South Australia. The Frome project is located in the Curnamona Craton, commonly known for its uranium, thorium and abnormally radiogenic granites. While the Crower project is endowed with granite plutons and have indicated high heat flows in the area. GHT aims to explore and develop these energy sources. The company listed on the ASX on the 21st March 2006 under the code GHT.

The Company holds two geothermal projects: Frome project and the Penola-Robe project (formerly Crower project). Geothermal Resources carries out exploration activities on its exploration tenements in South Australia. Neo Oil Pty Limited is the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary.

Drilling studies at the Cooper Basin region has found a fracture network and water flow between two deep wells have been recorded with geothermal brine temperatures of approximately 210 degrees Celsius, equivalent to 15MW thermal power. Key finding at the site were the occurrence of large gravity low (caused by a granite with a high radioactive mineral content) and an insulating blanket of sedimentary rocks to seal in the heat created by the radiogenic breakdown of the uranium bearing minerals.

Geothermal Resources History

In the course of compilation of geological data for its regional mineral exploration programmes on the Curnamona Craton, Havilah Resources NL became aware that an area west of its mineral tenements had the key requisite ingredients for a potential hot rock geothermal energy source.

In contemplation of the energy needs for its proposed development at Kalkaroo, Havilah applied for a single geothermal exploration licence (GEL 181) over what it believed was the key area. Subsequently, after conducting further research it was decided to apply for three adjoining GELs (208, 209, 210). Owing to concentration on its basemetal and gold exploration, Havilah decided to sponsor the formation and public listing of Geothermal Resources Limited, a new specialist geothermal exploration and development company, in order to raise new capital for the specific purpose of exploring for hot rock geothermal energy.

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  • Exploration for hot rock geothermal energy resources

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Geothermal Resources Head Office
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