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After a sell out first and second edition, Dr. Samir Elias added significant new material to the third edition - the main focus of which is making money in multiple ways. You can make money by purely trading stocks using numerous combinations of technical indicators described in several chapters and supported by practical market examples. You can also make money by raising cash on your long term holdings using effective and simple option strategies. In addition, you can make money by increasing your return on profitable trades while significantly reducing losses on unprofitable ones by using risk control strategies described in a special chapter. Learn also how to find stocks that have the potential to deliver explosive profits by incorporating ideas from the author's own stock scanning system that is presented in the book.

Make the most of your trades by using specific techniques to determine the approximate best exit time and price using methods in Generate Thousands in Cash on your Stocks Before Buying or Selling Them: Third Edition applied in detail to the author's own trades. Whatever kind of trader you may be, this book will show you practical ways to increase your profits. If you are a swing trader, you can use candlestick charts combined with two specific technical signals to enter profitable trades. If you are an intermediate term trader, you can use profitable chart patterns described in one of the chapters in combination with technical signals to increase your return. Long term investors can use CD charts described in an especially dedicated chapter to determine the long term direction of a stock as well as entry and exit points.

Positive Review of Book

had read the customer reviews on this book, and bought it based on them. My expectations were high, and this book exceeded them. This book is full of useful and practical information that I haven't found in any previous books. The Technical analysis part of this book was worth the price of it alone. I have changed the way I trade after reading this book. The Technical analysis sections are so simple to use, and very practical to implement for any home investor.

The options strategies were good, I must admit, I thought there was a little cherry picking on the examples given, but all in all I was extremely impressed with this book and highly recommend it to anyone else.

Negative Review of Book

When I saw the hefty price tag of $75 I thought that was a little crazy, but then I realized it was over 300 pages so I thought it might be a lot of great information. I was wrong. I did like a few things in this book so I dont feel like I was ripped off. However, all of the good things to take from this book could have been written in as little as 50 pages. There is a lot of useless information that takes up hundreds of pages. I would have given this book 3 or MAYBE even 4 stars but all of the rambling on and useless info hurts its rating. So yes, there are a couple good things to take away from this book, but not if it costs $75 and is hidden between hundreds of pages of nothing.

Author Biography

Samir Elias has a Doctorate in Engineering from the University of Massachusetts and a Masters in economics from the University of Technology in the UK. He worked as a research engineer developing new products at two different private companies in the US. In 1994 he raised venture capital to start his own engineering company which was sold to an international company in 1999. Between 1994 and 1997 he was involved in a real estate investment partnership in Ohio and Massachusetts. During that period he was intrigued by stock and option trading and how mathematical principles can be applied to enhancing trading and investment profits. In 1997 , using his experience in computer modeling of multiphase dynamic systems which was the focus of his doctorate dissertation, he developed a mathematical approach using convergence divergence charts to model long term stock movements .

This model was simplified enough to obtain effective results using hand drawn charts once a week. With the proliferation of the internet and increased interest and accessibility of short term trading he developed unique combination of technical indicators to predict short term stock movements with over 75% accuracy. In 1997 , he sold his real estate partnership and started trading part time at Insight Securities in Wichita KS until they closed in late 1998. Presently , he is a full time option and stock trader and investor.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1
    • Learn from the past
    • Fear and greed
    • The trend is your friend
    • Don't catch a falling knife
    • Thumbs up thumps down
    • The long terms trap
    • Trading or investing
    • The present or the future
    • Smart money or stupid money
    • Your broker can make you broker
    • Do not average down to zero
    • The diversification trap
    • The are you close to retirement trap
  2. Chapter 2
    • Generate 20%+ cash return each year without selling your stocks
    • Time is money
    • Low risk cash
    • Cash to keep
    • This is real cash
    • Cash history: juniper networks (JNPR)
    • Cash history: LSI logic (LSI)
  3. Chapter 3
    • Increase your profits on winning stocks by
    • Getting a premium to market price
    • Cash history: scientific Atlanta (SFA)
    • Cash history: Chesapeake energy (CHK)
  4. Chapter 4
    • Average down without using out of pocket cash
    • The 1030 test
    • The 102030 test
    • Cash to keep while averaging down
    • Cash history: McKesson (MCK)
  5. Chapter 5
    • An extra peek
    • Cash history: qualcomm (QCOM)
    • Cash history: CHK continued

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