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Genera Biosystems (GBI) is an Australian publicly listed company that develops and commercialises multiplexed molecular diagnostic tests, based upon its proprietary AmpaSandTM bead-based technology. Genera's products compete in the global market for molecular diagnostic tests - currently valued at around US$2.6 billion, and expected to double in the next five years - and are used by commercial pathology providers. Investors can trade Genera Biosystems shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

AmpaSand beads are an ideal platform for the kind of medium density multiplexed tests (5-150 analytes) of most use to pathology labs. Moreover, AmpaSand bead-based tests are high throughput, simple to use, and leverage existing laboratory infrastructure and expertise. Genera's first product on sale is PapTypeTM, a highly competitive molecular diagnostic test for the simultaneous detection and genotyping of the 14 types human papillomavirus (HPV). The company has a number of other products in its development pipeline.

Genera manufactures its products at a custom-built facility in Melbourne, Australia. Genera is also advanced in the development of a next-generation, ultra-sensitive, real-time detection system, which will have utility in a wide range of medical and non-medical applications. The company was listed on Australian stock market on 11 June, 2008.

Genera Biosystems (GBI) Products and Services

  • Developing a series of products with application in human health diagnostics, in particular those areas dealing in women's health.

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Genera Biosystems Head Office
Small Technologies Cluster,
1 Dalmore Drive,
Phone: (03) 9763 1287
Fax: (03) 9763 3697

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