Food Beverage & Tobacco

Australian Agricultural Company (AAC) - is a large and established beef cattle Company in Australia. The principal activities of the Company incorporates operating grazing and farming lands, breeding of cattle, growing, feedlotting and trading and other activities related to wholesale marketing of meat.

Australian Vintage (AVG) - focuses on the making and distribution of wine along with the management and development of the vineyards.

Coca-Cola Amatil (CCL) - is the primary licensee of Coca-Cola which is based in Australia, Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Indonesia, and New Zealand.

Evans & Tate (ETW) - or ETW Corporation Limited is engaged in winemaking, viticulture, distribution and marketing of bottled wines domestically and internationally under its own brand and label.

Foster'S Group (FGL) - Foster's Group Limited (FGL) is a global drinks company that focuses on the ownership, marketing and distribution of alcoholic beverages international portfolio.

Futuris Corporation (FCL) - is engaged in providing the Australian rural community with farm services such as rural finance, designing and manufacturing of steering and air conditioning systems as well as related parts to be used in the automotive industry.

Goodman Fielder (GFF) - The company known as Goodman Fielder is a food company based in Australia. The brands they cater to their consumers are provided across Australian and the New Zealand food industries.

Lion Nathan (LNN) - is a company engaged in producing, marketing as well as distributing alcoholic beverages.

Little World Beverages (LWB) - is a company engaged in the supply of food beverages, alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

Ridley Corporation (RIC) - specialises in the manufacturing and supply of stock feed and animal feed supplements. It also focuses on the crude salt production, salt refining and distribution.