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Flat Glass Industries (FGI) is a wholesaler and value-adding processor of glass and other products for the residential and commercial building industry. The company distributes its products to smaller merchants, manufacturers, and fabricators which ultimately supply the building market.

The Company operates in two segments: the production and processing of glass and other products for the residential and commercial building industry, and engineering services and other manufacturing. Its subsidiaries include Flat Glass Pty Limited, FGI Services Pty Limited, FGI Processing Pty Limited, Flat Glass Properties Pty Limited, Star Plug Pty Limited, Burnbridge Glass Pty Limited, DLCO Australia Architectural Glass Fittings Pty Limited, Alternative Glass Supplies Pty Limited, Alternative Glass Supplies Services Pty Limited, Tufglas Australia Pty Limited and RTK Industries Pty Limited.

Flat Glass Industries History

Flat Glass Industries (FGI) originally established as an adjunct to an emergency glass business, FGI was incorporated on 29 September 1986 as Palnip Pty Ltd, changed its name to Flat Glass Imports Pty Ltd on 29 December 1986 and was then renamed to Flat Glass Industries on 8 June 1990. The company was converted to a public company on 25 August 2006 and listed on the ASX on 3 November 2006.

Flat Glass Industries (FGI) Products and Services

  • Processing and wholesaling of glass and related hardware to the building sector

Flat Glass Industries (FGI) Locations and Subsidiaries

Flat Glass Industries Head Office
3 Moorebank Avenue,
Phone: (02) 9824 0999
Fax: (02) 9824 2111

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