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FFI Holdings is Western Australian based food processing company. It is comprised of five main businesses - Chocolate Products of Australia, Olympic Fine Foods, Fresh Food Industries (Bakery Products), Tradition Small Goods, and Century Sweets. Most of FFI's products are distributed nationally.

The Company’s subsidiaries include Fresh Food Industries Pty Ltd, Chocolate Products of Australia Pty Ltd and Tradition Smallgoods Pty Ltd. FFI Holdings was first listed on the Australian Stock exchange on 19 January, 1987. Its head office is located in Jandakot, Western Australia.

FFI Holdings is driven by its emphasis on efficiency, reliability and innovation. These management goals have led to the company establishing a sound and diverse trading base, and developing new products and processes in its key markets.

FFI Holding's major customers include other food production companies in Western Australia, and other states of Australia, such as Greens Foods. Their customers comprise major wholesale food manufacturers, and both large and small Australian food retail chains.

FFI Holdings Products and Services

  • Manufacture of bakers jam fillings, processed apple, compound chocolate and cake decorations, stabilised fruit products & other products for bakery

FFI Holdings Locations and Subsidiaries

FFI Holdings Head Office
23 Knock Place,
Phone: (08) 9417 4088
Fax: (08) 9417 3063

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