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Fermiscan Holdings (FER) is the owner of a patented diagnostic technique entitled "Using Hair to Screen for Breast Cancer". The focus of the company is on the development of the technology called The Fermiscan Test, which discovers a technique of using X-ray diffraction of hair to investigate early potential detection for breast cancer. FER is also exploring other diagnostic technologies with the aim of providing low-cost diagnostics for a range of diseases.

The validation trial conducted during the year ended December 31, 2008, demonstrated a high level of overall accuracy. In general the trial showed that the test performed better in younger women. The results from the validation trial showed that if a patient has a negative Fermiscan Test result then there is a 99% chance they do not have breast cancer. If the patient's hair X-ray diffraction pattern was abnormal (shows a ring) then there is a 5% chance that they are positive for breast cancer.

Fermiscan's technology utilises the technique of X-ray fibre diffraction to detect an apparent change in the molecular structure of a person's hair. The diffracted X-ray images are analysed to determine the presence of breast cancer. The unique advantages of the Fermiscan™ Test are its non-invasive nature: little or no discomfort and suitable for women of all ages. The test could assist early treatment and helps the likelihood of successful treatment once the presence of tumour is confirmed. Major customers are primarily the government, doctors, general public, radiology groups and other health professionals. FER competes with other science technology companies involved in the health industry, locally and internationally.

Fermiscan Holdings History

The company listed on the ASX on 4 December 1980 and was then known as Olympus Resources Limited. FER was established in 2004 to explore the possibilities arising from combining knowledge from the fields of physics and biology in cancer diagnosis. The company officially changed its name to Fermiscan Holdings Limited (FER) in the ASX listing in October 2006.

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  • Owner of a patented diagnostic technique entitled "Using Hair to Screen for Breast Cancer

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Fermiscan Holdings Head Office
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