Frequently Asked Questions about Trading

What is High Frequency Trading?

What is High Frequency Trading?

High-frequency trading is the execution of computerized trading strategies characterized by extremely short position-holding periods. In high-frequency trading, programs running on high-speed computers analyze market data, using algorithms to utilize trading opportunities that may open up for only a fraction of a second to several hours.

What was the Turtle Trader Exam Questions?

What was the Turtle Trader Exam Questions?

The turtle trader exam questions was a quiz sent out to candidates applying for the turtle trading program run by Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt from C&D Commodities in the early 1980s. From the test, prospective students were shortlisted for the interview with Dennis. Among the candidates they were looking for individuals which possessed high mathematical skills, an active interest in games, the ability to think in terms of odds and as well as a certain level of emotional and psychological makeup.

Profit on Mergers and Acquisitions

Opportunities to profit on Mergers and Acquisitions + Takeover corporate activity

As the Australian corporate world enters a new mergers and acquisitions cycle, investors and share traders can start looking for opportunities to profit from these corporate actions. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) include company takeovers such as Westpac's acquisition of St George and the current bid for AXA.

Funny Sitcom About Share Trading

Learn some trading lessons while watching a funny sitcom about share trading (trading stocks) (Video below)

Looking for something related to share trading to watch?

Australian Companies with Mining Assets in Africa

An incomplete list of Australian companies with mining assets in Africa, or have exploration activities in Africa.

Doing some research on Australian companies with mining assets in Africa? Here is an incomplete an inaccurate listing which needs a little more in-depth research:

Australian Exploration and Mining Companies

A list of Australian Exploration and Mining Companies with a website.

A list of Australian Exploration and Mining Companies with a website.

Dividend Yield Strategy

The Dividend Yield strategy, of the Dividend Yield Play or Dividend stripping, is a well known strategy which investors and traders take advantage of from time to time.

The dividend yield strategy is simply this: buy the stock before the exdividend. Hold it until the ex-dividend date. Sell the stock. Rinse and repeat to receive the dividend and the franking credits. (However, you may need to hold the shares for at least 45 days to be eligible to receive franking credits. This rule doesn’t apply if your total franking credit entitlement is less than $5,000 in one year.

Dividend Yield Case Study

Dividend Dates Explained

There are many dividend dates you may come across such as: ex date, record date, payable date and closing date. We will explain the dividend dates in this article.

For Australian traders and investors, only two dates are important: the ex date (or the ex dividend date) and the payable date (or payment date). For companies, the dates important to them are the closing date (or the record date) and the payable date.

Company Declares a Dividend

When an Australian public company declares a dividend, it also announces as books closing date (or record date). All the shareholders of the company who are listed on the shares register will be entitled to receive the dividend.

ASX Dividend Calendar

View the ASX Dividend Calendar

Here is a table of the ASX Dividend Calendar for the next couple of months. This calendar include public companies which are listed on the Australian stock exchange.

Can I use Astrology Analysis to Trade Stocks?

Is Astrology effective in getting an edge in trading stocks and shares?

Gann is the most famous trader who has used Astrology to analyse stocks to make a trading decision. Yes you can use it, but whether it is effective in giving you an edge in your trading is debatable. If you are a believer of astrology, it may even give you a placebo effect giving you confidence to trade. But if that confidence is not well placed... we all know the consequences of that.

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