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Euroz (EZL) is a Western Australia-based financial services company. EZL provides stockbroking, corporate finance and funds management services. Its two wholly owned subsidiaries are Euroz Securities and Westoz Funds Management. Euroz Securities provides equities research, retail and institutional dealing and corporate finance services. Westoz manages wholesale investment funds. EZL holds interests in Westoz Investment Company and Ozgrowth Ltd. EZL primarily operates in Australia.

The principal trading segment relates to the purchase and sale of securities by the Company. The Company provides advice in relation to the fund management. The wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company are Euroz Securities Limited (Euroz Securities) and Westoz Management Limited (Westoz Funds Management).

Euroz Limited focuses its investment and equities research on predominantly Western Australian-based companies. The company has long-standing relationships with major institutional investors in the small to mid cap market in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America. Euroz Securities provides services to institutional, corporate and high net worth individuals, predominantly in Western Australia-based industrial and resources companies. Capital raising clients have included Aquarius Platinum, iiNet, Aspen Group and Otto Energy. Institutional dealing services a large client base of Australian and international investors. Westoz Funds manages investment funds for wholesale clients. EZL competes with other equity research companies such as MQG and ABN Amro.

Euroz (EZL) History

EZL had its origins in 1961 when it was incorporated in NSW under the name Treloar Enterprises. The company's main lines of business were foundry and related machinery activities. The company listed on the ASX in August 1971. After a few name changes, the company adopted its current name in February 2000 to reflect the shedding of its long-time manufacturing business and a shift into stock-broking. Euroz Securities was established by Euroz Limited in 2000. Westoz Funds was established in 2005.

Euroz (EZL) Products and Services

  • Stockbroking; dealing equities, capital raisings, company research

Euroz (EZL) Locations and Subsidiaries

Euroz Head Office
The Quadrant, Level 14, 1 William Street,
PERTH, WA 6000
Phone: (08) 9488 1400
Fax: (08) 9488 1477

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