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European Gas (EPG) is involved in the acquisition, exploration and development of coal bed and coal mine methane projects in Western Europe and Australia. The company also operates producing oil fields in the Canning basin, Western Australia and develops and adds value to its petroleum infrastructure assets located in the port of Broome. EPG was listed on the ASX in March 1998. Its head office is situated in Alfred Cove.

European Gas (EPG)'s projects in France include Gazonor production project, Lorraine exploration and development project, Lons Le Saunier exploration project, Gardanne exploration project, and Saint Etienne exploration project. The Company holds interests covering 30,171 square kilometers in the Canning Basin, Western Australia. The Company’s subsidiaries include Otto Oil Pty Ltd, European Gas S.A.S., Gazonor S.A., European Gas Limited (UK), Heritage Petroleum Ltd and European Gas Benelux S.A.

European Gas has a number of permits situated in France and Italy, giving it some international exposure. EPG has an oil and gas project situated in the Canning basin, Western Australia. It operates five oilfields (Blina, Boundary, Lloyd, Sundown and West Terrace) comprising of seven active wells.

EPG competes with other mining exploration companies based in Australia and overseas, such as BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. EPG customers include mainly the industrial sector, both locally and internationally, mainly China.

European Gas (EPG) Products and Services

  • Involved in the acquisition, exploration and development of coal bed and coal mine methane projectse

European Gas (EPG) Locations and Subsidiaries

European Gas Head Office
Suite 4, 4 Ventnor Avenue,
West Perth, WA 6005
Phone: (08) 9226 0320
Fax: (08) 9226 0309

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