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Eromanga Hydrocarbons (ERH) is involved in the exploration for resources and the participation in investments that include gold and other ore mining industries, literature research, field reconnaissance and soil and rock geochemical sampling activities. The company also explores in the US. ERH was listed on the ASX on 1 January 1974. Its head office is situated in Melbourne.

The Company has two assets in the Harpia Oil Field and Block 430. During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009 (fiscal 2009), the PACA 1 well produced 14,227 barrels of oil over 243 days of operation. Flow testing was undertaken at Tatu 1, the discovery well at Block 430. The Company’s subsidiaries include Exploration & Geological Services Pty Ltd, 101-103 George Street, East Melbourne Pty Ltd, Mercury Brazil Ltd and Mercury do Brasil Oil & Gas Ltd.

ERH has developed the first indigenous conventional natural gas reserves in NSW. The company is using the gas to produce low greenhouse-intensity base load electricity from its Wilga Park Power Station (Narrabri Power Project). Major competitors of Eromanga Hydrocarbons would include other resource exploration companies, both locally and overseas. As an exploration company, ERH does not have any customers.

Eromanga Hydrocarbons (ERH) Products and Services

  • Resource exploration & investment in Australia & resource exploration in Brazil with a focus on oil and gas

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Eromanga Hydrocarbons Head Office
Level 6, 484 St Kilda Road,
Phone: 03 9867 7828
Fax: 03 9867 7671

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