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Eromanga Uranium (ERO) has extensive tenement holdings in South Australia and the Northern Territory. The company's flagship project is the Billa Kalina Project, located at the centre of the Stuart Shelf uranium-copper-gold province.

The ERO Mining team is conscious of maximising potential and minimizing risk and therefore has assembled a holding of uranium exploration tenements exclusively within South Australia and the Northern Territory, the only Australian jurisdictions that currently host operating uranium mines. Similarly the Company believes that diversification into quality gold projects will be in their best interests and its exploration personnel are actively reviewing opportunities to achieve this outcome.

ERO Mining’s property portfolio supports a business model that provides the opportunity for both near term cash flow and the discovery of major deposits. ERO Mining will search for sandstone hosted deposits which are typically amenable to rapid delineation and development by the Company, whilst unconformity style and iron oxide copper/gold/uranium targets provide the opportunity to partner with larger resource companies during development.

The Company’s move to a producing gold mine provides immediate cash flow as well as providing the opportunity for significant expansion of gold production in the near term. The board believes that this will form the platform for ongoing growth of the Company with gold production revenues supporting active exploration of their gold and uranium property portfolio.

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