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Enviromission (EVM) develops large-scale renewable energy projects and provides a range of sustainable energy efficient products and services. EVM plans to build the worlds first solar thermal power station in Australia by 2005. The company listed on the 6 August, 2001. The Company’s subsidiaries include SolarMission Limited, Pure Solar Power (IP) Pty Ltd, EnviroMission (USA) Inc and SolarMission Technologies Inc (USA). On December 19, 2008, the Company acquired SolarMission Technologies Inc.

Enviromission is in the final feasibility study for the Solar Tower. The Company has chose Australia because it is a superior location for a Solar Tower power station development. Australia boasts vast areas of high solar radiation levels, geological stability and low land costs with many suitable terrains to successfully operate a Solar Tower power station.

EVM do not have any customers yet because it is still in the final stage of feasibility study. Future competitors will consist of energy and gas companies such as the Australian Gas Light Company (AGL). EnviroMission made an offer to acquire a majority holding in the securities of SMT to enable EnviroMission to commercialize Solar Tower technology globally, including large markets outside of Australia.

In May 2009, the company's U.S. subsidiary, EnviroMission (USA) commenced operations. The establishment of a US headquarters in Phoenix will provide financial and resource efficiencies from localized business operations. EnviroMission (USA), Inc. will lead briefings and interactions with power authorities and councils in the southwest, as well as analysts and the finance sector within the US to provide real time business advantage for development success in the region.

In June 2009, EnviroMission filed two land applications in the US for two prospective Solar Tower power station developments. The sites, now formally earmarked in Arizona, each total 5,500 acres (2225.85 hectares) suitable in size for development of a 200MW Solar Tower power station respectively.

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  • provides a range of sustainable energy

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Enviromission Head Office
Ground Floor, 3 Raglan St,
South Melbourne,
Phone: 03 9693 5666
Fax: 03 9699 7566

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